Eltee Pulsitron Ram Type EDM
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Eltee Pulsitron Ram Type EDM


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Item#2748- Eltee Pulsitron Ram Type EDM

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Product Description

Equipped With:

VMC 900 Servo Head Orbiting,

3 Axis Futaba Digital Readout,

Dielectric System,

Operation Manuals,

Partial Drum of Dielectric Fluid


Machine Specifications:

Model: TRM-21

Power Supply: EP300CP

Internal Tank   Dimensions 19.75” x 14.75” x   12.0”
Table Dimensions 16.5” x 11.0”
X Axis Travel 8.0”
Y Axis Travel 6.0”
Z Axis Travel (DC   Servo) 10.5”
Throat Distance 11.5”
Power Supply Peak   Amperes 30 Amp
Max. Distance Quill   to Table 17.375”
Machine Weight (Total   – 3pcs.) 3,600 lbs.
Floor Space Required 154” x 48” x 86”



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